It has been called ' the moonland ' , ' little Tibet ' or ' the last Shangri La '. Those romantic definitions all hold more than a slight degree of truth.

Nestled between the vast ranges of the Karakoram in the month and the north and the mighty Himalayas in the south. Ladakh is one of the world`s highest plateaus and sparsely populated regions. Ladakh with its breathtaking landscapes and extremely hospitable inhabitants have always been attracting travelers, adventures and traders for centuries.

  Guests traveling directly by air to Leh are advised complete rest for the first 24 hours. Thay are not recommended to undergo any kind of physical exertion and avoid alcohol till the time the guest is acclimatized to the region`s high altitude conditions that generally take one full day.  
  Ladakh General Information :

Area: 97,000 sq kms.
Population: Approx. 2.40 lakh in the 2 districts of Leh & Kargil.
Languages: Ladakhi including Balti / Purig, Shina or Dardic, Urdu / Hindi.
Ethnic composition: Mongoloid/Tibetan, Dardic and assorted Indo-Aryan elements. 
Altitude: Leh 3505 m, Kargil 2750 m








(-) 6oC

(-) 23oC

Rain-fall: 15cm, 6" (annual average) 
Clothing: Cotton & light woollens in summer and heavy woollens including down-filled wind proof upper garments in winter.